photographer, stylist, recipe developer, blogger, and creative educator from Espoo, Finland, with over 5 years of international experience.

My love for gastronomy with a pinch of art is rooted in my childhood. I tried to discover the entire spectrum of creative work from drawing and glass painting to carpentry at my dad's workshop. I also took any chance to join my mom and grandmas in their kitchen to season Sunday's broth, decorate gingerbread cookies, or use my little fingers to clean the remaining cream from the wall of the mixing bowl.

25 years later I found my "click" and turned my passion into a profession that enables me to extract creativity into delicious recipes and serve picture-perfect food which can be saved without preservatives on my photos.

I am a Hungarian but I chose to live an ex-pat life first in Sweden, then in the UK, and now in Finland. The years away from my home country taught me how to keep traditions, while flexibly adapting to a new environment, learn more about local customs, and discover new areas of the culinary world with an open mind.

While I am much enjoying being rootless and wandering around different countries, the one thing always kept me grounded was food. Food means creativity, adventure, and connection with heritage. It is a compass that showed me the right direction!

This is how I became the proud founder of a 100% family-owned Finnish business: THREE POD STUDIO. Being an entrepreneur means that I use my skillset in multiple fields: I preserve the moment as commercial food and product photographer, use my creativity as a food stylist and share my own recipes and culinary stories as a blogger and recipe developer. The new chapter in my profession is sharing my knowledge with others as a creative educator.

I am working with local clients and also doing remote work or travel upon request.

If you are looking for a creator or mentor who delivers exceptional results, pays attention to fine details, uses her time effectively, and each project together is wrapped in a CLEAR AND friendly workflow, then you are at the right place!




Capturing heroes is like saving the colours, textures and actions forever without using preservatives. I create images that makes you feel grab the food or drink on the photo because you want to enjoy it right away. This is the reason why I love to create a concept that would look perfect but naturally relatable to the viewer. Commercial photography could be more exciting than a product on a white background.

Food Stylist


Presenting food to the camera is a bit different than serving it to a guest at your table. The food stylist creates, selects and presents the perfect elements that will create the hero of the image, while preserving their best look during the photo session. Setting up a scene with carefully selected colours, textures and elements that compliments the subject is also a main responsibility of the food stylist. This way the final image will transfer the feel and mood that is in harmony with the brand's message.

Creative Educator


As I've rapidly expanded my skillset by self-learning and taking part on different forms of education about photography, food styling and creative business management, I discovered my signature style. But learning about creative skills or entrepreneurship is a life-long journey for everyone. Now I am planting the seeds of my knowledge to the heart of talented creatives so they can also grow their own art.

Recipe Developer


Food is the greatest link between the different aspects of art, science, innovation and nations. Experimenting with new recipes and creating something that pleasing all of the senses is one of the best way to express my creativity without words. As a blogger of the Holy Whisk Blog and as recipe developer of magazines and bands, I bring people with different backgrounds together through the love of cooking and eating delicious food.




is the digital exhibition with the cream of my work