I deliver professional practices to talented creatives by simplifying their workflow, building confidence, and giving feedback on their art with suggestions for improvement.

Enjoy the full attention of your educator while expanding your skillset and gain confidence or let's solve a specific challenge together!

  • Private, 1-on-1 Consultation, Mentoring and Portfolio sessions
  • Enjoy the flexibility of choice between meeting in-person or online
  • You are in focus! You will have 100% of my attention
  • Free Creative Education Assessment before each session
  • Personalised sessions based on your knowledge and needs
  • Learn at your own pace, without peer-pressure


- Perfect for learning the basics of photography or
- Photograph, discuss and edit 1 theme.
- Flexible dates are available, please contact me with your request


Consultation Extra

- We can photograph, discuss and edit 2 themes OR
- 1 theme + have a look at your portfolio.
- Flexible dates are available, please contact me with your request



- On-going guidance and practice, while building confidence
- Targeting different fields you would like to focus on.


Portfolio Basics & Review

- Learn about the options of creating your professional portfolio that you can confidently present to your clients or
- Get feedback on your personally curated collection of images


If you have any other questions, please feel free to


“I couldn’t wait for my portfolio review with Reka! And it was worth it as it met my expectations! Reka was very professional and knowledgable with a great attention to details! She answered all my questions and gave me so many useful tips!”

“On our session I was excited to hear many secret details of her work, she showed where her magical photos are born. She constructed a well designed course that touch based on many important aspects of getting a client from planning shots to delivering final product to client. She was open to discuss any question that raised during our session. I can really recommend her because of her creativity in photography and as a teacher as well to share her way of working.”

“I attended Reka's 1 to 1 session to review my portfolio. A warm and friendly person. She has spend time reviewing my work earlier which meant the time I spend for my session was very practical and educational for me. I came back home with so many points with regards to my work it was worth every minute.”

“I had an online portfolio review session with Reka, and it was extremely helpful. The presentation was very organized and professional, like everything she does. She helped me how to categorize all my photos, including portraits, food styling portfolio, and printed portfolio as well. I highly recommend Reka's portfolio review to food bloggers and photographers.”

“I attended Reka’s 1-1 private consultation, and it was an excellent session. We discussed my needs before the session and Reka tailored the consultation to meeting those needs. It was a hands on experience with a lot of discussions about whys and hows of food styling and photography. I learnt so much useful information which I’m looking forward to putting into practice in my everyday photography. I will recommend Reka’s consultation and training session to any one looking to improve their food photography”

“Nyereményjátékon nyertem egy 1 órás food styling konzultációt Rékától. Nagyon alaposan és személyre szabottan adta át a tudását. Nem fukarkodott a szakértelmével, igyekezett minden aprò kis részletet megosztani velem. Köszönöm neked Réka!”


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