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Special service for brands, traders, authors & creatives. Let's create a concept that compliments your products, services and work.

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  • Ship products to my studio
  • Access the photos at your unique online gallery
  • Flexible license options
  • Recipe developement
  • Food styling with my props
  • Visual storytelling
  • Images that actually sell

On Site


Preserve the moments of preparation, plating in addition to the final dish. Illustrate your new menu, seasonal offers, leaflets and websites .

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  • Setup the photoshoot at Your location
  • You prepare the food I'll capture it
  • Access the photos at your unique online gallery
  • Flexible license options
  • Guest-magnet photographs



I never keep in secret what products and services I personally use especially if I believe that my audience would love them too.

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  • Reach a community of foodies and photographers
  • Versatile feature options on my Blog or Social Media
  • Boost sales by a giveaway or  discount code
  • I'll illustrate our projects with exceptional images



Expand your skillset and gain confident knowledge about photography fundamentals, camera settings, gear, food styling and post processing

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  • You are in focus!
  • In-person or online sessions with quality screen sharing
  • Free pre-assessment
  • Tailored sessions based on your knowledge and needs
  • Learn with no pressure, at your own pace



Reka is an artist. She can move you with her photography. She captures the essence and detail of every scene with a perfect sense of taste. On top of that, it is a pleasure to work with her. Very professional and reliable.


JUAN MOODY - owner, Reinos de Taifas


What a pleasure it is to work with Reka, whose photography expertise and keen eye for detail, resulted in some of the best flower photography I have seen. Her natural creativity is inspiring and I look forward to working with her again.


SIAN DAVIS - owner, Incredible Edible Flowers


Our relationship with Reka has been a great success since the very beginning. Reka is incredibly professional in all she is doing, she has been very respectful of our needs while keeping her creativity. We need more of those free, sharp & beautiful photoshoots in the wine trade. Cheers!


CLARISSE MARTIN - trade marketing manager, Boisset


Reka is very kind and professional. Her social media platforms are incredible and you can tell she is very creative. Her style is different so we thought that she was the right person to collaborate with, we were right!!! We will definitely keep in touch!


CARLO CHELLI - founder, Pure Charisma



How can I get my photography quote?

Each project is different, so the quote will be provided after a free, initial consultation about your ideas and expectations.

I live at the other side of the globe. How can I get my products captured?

Your location is never a problem with me. Ship your products from any country directly to my studio located in the UK.

Why I will pay for 'usage license' instead of getting all rights?

I will summarise everything You need to know about rights related to images including a crystal clear explanation on what type of rights you will pay for.


who owns the images are after a photo shoot?
(Source of information: and Intellectual Property Office )


Photographs, illustrations and other images will generally be protected by copyright as artistic works. The person who creates an image will generally be the first owner of the copyright, in this case it's me as a freelance photographer. The copyright usually remains with the photographer. 


SO You are aware that the Photographer owns and retaining the copyright after a photoshoot, let's SEE how you can use the images taken.


In general, You have two options to use these copyright protected images: buying 'usage license' or 'buy-out' the Photographer and get the copyright assigned to you. 


The reason why I'm not going to suggest a buy-out is very easy: it would cost you a lot. Depending on your needs, a less expensive solution is definitely to pay for usage licence. You can rarely hear a professional giving you advice on how to cut the budget, but I'd really like to help You since licensing is an awesome option as a Client.


The term ‘licensing’ means the copyright owner (Photographer) is giving another person or organisation permission to use a work such as an image, often in return for payment and/or on certain conditions for a specific period of time.


You pay based on the ways the images will help you visually illustrating your platforms, promoting your services, representing your brand or gaining profit by sales and revenue. Choosing the right licence is actually saves you a lot on photography costs, and if you figure out that you need to use the images for different purposes later, you can easily buy additional usage license any time.


Let's see a few, common examples for usage licenses:

  • Social media use
  • Use on your own website
  • Commercial use in local, national or international campaigns
  • Shared use within a franchise
How will I select the photos I like, then receive the final images?

After the photo session I will select the images good enough to 100% compliment your product, these are called the proofss. I will upload them into a password protected, online gallery dedicated to our recent project, so you can select your favourites and add notes to individual images if you wish, and the process of proofing ending here.


After proofing, I will work on the preferred images, then their final versions will be uploaded to the online gallery, so  you can check the results. The final images will become available to download right after a successfully completed total payment, also that your usage rights related to the chosen license  will become valid at the same time.


and enjoy your free consultation